Your stand should be both accessible and warm

For every marketing event, the main concern always is how to stand out. You are not only competing for the attention of the customers by listing the best qualities of services or products, but also by the overall presentation of brand and product lines. In events where thousands of business exhibiting the most central concerns is how to create an notable presentation.
Your stand should be both accessible and warm. Your goal is to invite people to your booth. Therefore, you need to make sure that your booth presents a positive and welcoming atmosphere to your customers. It needs to be eye catching and it should be something which immediately triggers positive thoughts from your audience.

Of course, if what you are aiming for is to add a little bit of mystery to your booth, then you can go ahead and make it look darker yet inviting nonetheless. The goal here is to make your booth seem like a welcoming place where people can feel free to ask for information.


* Use lighting and colors to elicit the reaction that you want.The first thing that gets the attention of visitor is the powerful color. a powerful color combination is very necessary for booths design. colors do both can set the mood and catch the attention of your audience. There are colors that can trigger certain emotional responses from people. Find out what colors are bound to hit the right buttons with your target audience.

* Make your stand designs for exhibitions more open. Avoid anything that would block the way of your intended audience or booth visitors. The positioning of the elements in the booth as well as of the booth itself should invite people in. If you intend to have some activity in your booth, plan your foot traffic properly so as not to cause crowding.

* Provide a space for giveaways. Everyone loves freebies. You want to be ready with samples of your products or even simple giveaways like pens, pins, or candies. Having extra treats for those who come with kids would be good too.

The key to effective exhibition booth designs is to know your audience and what appeals to them. Draw them to your booth with a positive vibe and get them primed for your offer with the right colors. Stir excitement about what you have to offer. When you keep these elements in mind, you will surely have a continuous flow of visitors in your booth. More resource