Visiting an exhibition

Prior to starting an exhibition, attend the show as a visitor. The visit will enable you to choose the most appropriate products for your exhibit, identify strategic spots and give you an overall idea about ways to participate as an exhibitor. Find out about the latest products, the most relevant communication media.
Planning of an exhibition stand is extremely important to success at a trade show. When considering any steps, the company should generate a 4 month planning schedule. Preparing is decisive as it would be what determines if the trade show will be a success or failure for your business.

An exhibition stand must support the brand and its positioning in conjunction with the trade fair. Functionality and design need to be carefully considered and created to clearly communicate product benefits.

Kep the colours with your company brand. Most companies have branding guidelines which dictate which colours should be used. This will keep the design uniform and easily recognisable as your brand.

The lighting you utilize is based on the type of atmosphere you want to construct
Colored lights will make the booth be different.

The products or services should be selected according to the targeted public.

Consider what furniture you will have in the booth, comfortable chairs are a great idea to sit in while conversing to clients, you will not want people who are not interested in your business using your site as a rest stop and coming between you and your next potential client.