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Activeteam will increase the strength of your brand

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Stay in The Minds of Your Customers


In a B2B exhibition construction, you are in reality selling to other companies, so it is important to make the visitor buy into your company products or services on a personal level. As an alternative to using a push strategy and reading out from a scripted sales pitch, try to understand the visitors requirements first before offering a solution.

If you solve a need through your solution, as opposed to just highlight the features and benefits of your products or services, you are more likely to get a sale.

One of the primary activities in the purchasing process is often to select a group of brands to be regarded. Usually, the customer will not be exposed to several brand names in the process, except from happen stance. The first supplier which comes to customers mind will then have an advantage.

B2B marketing relies significantly on direct selling and marketers and sales people need to operate closely collectively. A good advertisement can create a buyer in B2C, whereas advertisement in B2B has a different role and due to the smaller amount of customers in B2B, word of mouth has a higher impact compared to what it has in B2C. In B2B the brand tends to have a reduced relation to the buyers whereas in B2C, the power of brands can be a massive tool for impacting the buyers.

The potency of a brand lies in what resides in the minds of customers. The difficulty for marketers in developing a strong brand is ensuring that customers have the right type of experiences with products and services and their enclosed marketing programs therefore the desired thoughts, feelings, imagery, beliefs, perceptions, opinions, and so one become linked to the brand. Activeteam marketers in cooperation with the graphic designers will create a concept to bring your company into the spot.

Brand awareness is the potential buyer ability to recall and recognize that the brand is a member of a specific product category and that there is a link between the brand and the product class.
Branding results in brand equity, the sum of money that customers are willing to pay buying products from the brand. Brand equity is definitely an intangible asset that can be tracked on your balance sheet, and can make your organization more valuable over the long term.

The two main key dimensions that distinguish brand recognition, depth and breadth. The depth of brand awareness refers to how easy it is for customers to recall or identify the brand. Breadth of brand awareness refers to the range of consumption and purchase situations where the brands come to the customers.

A highly prominent brand is a brand with both breadth and depth of brand awareness. Not only has the brand to , top of mind, but will also do so at the right place at the right time. Many products and brands are undetected and forgotten in possible usage situations and increasing the salience of the brand in those settings may also help in driving consumption and increase sales volume.


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How to Appeal to The Most Suitable Audience

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How to Draw in the Right Target Audience With Your Custom Made Exhibition Booth – Be Seen on the Market.

While it is not easy to join a trade show and manage an exhibition stand, doing so can actually produce remarkable results and propel a product to success. A well designed exhibition stand setup together with a carefully planned trading strategy boosts four key essential business areas simultaneously, making a trade show slot a smart and beneficial investment

As an exhibitor, you have to deal with the competition within and beyond your niche. If you want your brand to stand out, you have to do something out of the ordinary. This is when custom exhibition booths come in.

To get customer awareness in the show it is crucial to stand out from the crowd.! With hundreds of different exhibition booths at the event, it is not easy to stand out. A stand need to look professional and stunning. A customized exhibition stand with eye catching visuals, multimedia effects such as light boxes and printings would make a company stand out at the show with an exhibition stand and create a more sophisticated look.

Organizing anĀ  exhibition stand
Your exhibition stand should bear your brand name, logo and tagline. Other than the visuals and well organized and harmonic environment to put in your Exhibition booth, there are a few basics that you have to plan for too.

Innovative custom designs

If you would like your visitors and passersby to take your exhibition stand seriously, you have to invest in personalization. Fantastic design creates sentiment for the brand or product. Creating an extraordinary experience for your target audience. Customized projects should be based on aesthetics. Aesthetic generate beauty,the key factor making a trade show design go even further as a trade fair presentation, giving visitors a singular experience.

Have clear objectives and plan your stand implementing your targets in the overall concept. Regardless if you are improve your brand value, increase awareness about new products or service or perhaps interested in meeting more potential business partners, design your stand in accordance with your aims.

Product and Service Demonstration:

A clear definition of sections in your booth will allow you to manage your exhibition stand far better. One section should be dedicated for your product displays. There should also be the standard hospitality features like a mini lobby and space saving chairs. Furthermore, it pays to have a cloaked area for your sales staff to keep their things and to rest every once in a while.

This is probably one of the areas that have considerably evolved. Today, LED technology has made it possible to create new ways to make lighting and visuals more interesting to visitors. It has made such a huge impact because of how flexible it can be with options ranging from rope lighting to strip lighting.

LED technology has also made it possible to use lights of a specific color and even have changing colors incorporated in your design. Furthermore,
Conventional lighting fixtures such as track lighting, pin lights, and floor lights among others are still available. You can check with your exhibit organizers and booth contractors if you have special needs.

Image quality matters:


The attraction of an exhibition booth comes from the dynamic of the communication approach, customer interaction, audio visuals and contemplation. Use attention grabbing visuals. The classic adage a picture paints a thousand words says it all. Get your target market attention by enticing them with interesting pictures.

Provide original artwork to get high quality images. Good professional stock photos clear, crisp images. Bad pictures and artwork could result in your entire exhibition booth failing to make the impact. Use quality image do not use images that have been copied from non original sources.

Franco Stera is Executive Marketing Director at Marketing and Creative Services Activeteam advertising marketing analyst help and support assist throughout exhibitions, exhibitors brand and exhibition stand marketing objectives.