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Extensive Exhibitions Services Europe wide


Everything your trade fair presentation needs – unique service levels.

Activeteam realizes the planning and construction of your booth for you from the first inquiry to the stand handover.

Activeteam plans every type of exhibition stand, we visualize, design and build exhibition stands for customers from all industries at home and abroad. Activeteam realizes your customized design and builds your exhibition stand according to your individual wishes.


Turnkey projects for events across Europe

Creation of customized stands all over Europe. We build exhibition stands for every product or branch.

exhibition design

New dimensions, elegance and perfection

Environments  to support your exhibitions with fresh designs,  administration tools, exhibition marketing strategies, stand construction and build up on the fairground.

display stands

Driven by detail

At Activeteam, we believe that each detail matters. Even the ones the eyes can not see, or would not usually notice. Because it is all in the detail which goes into our exhibition stands that makes them better.


Brand New Concepts

Custom Exhibition Design Booth Techniques Layouts and Styling

The style you choose will greatly impact the feel your stand has and the kind of consumers who will be drawn in.

Competitive Advantage Developing a Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Bespoke Exhibition stands participations are usually essential to understand buyers, gain their particular attention and establish a presence in the marketplace.

Custom Exhibition Design Booth Solutions

If you intend to participate at an exhibition and acquire an exhibition stand, it is essential to seek the aid of a professional designs and build companies, otherwise, you run the risk of making expensive errors.

Preparing Establish Your Business Objectives for The Best Marketing Strategy

These could be defined based on the following aspects Regional origin, branch and size of the client company, the area of client operations, frequency of client purchasing, and purchasing power.

Exhibition Stand Hire, Select an Excellent Exhibition Stand Contractor

When looking for an exhibition stand contractor to design and build your exhibition stand, it is imperative you choose a company that has been in the marketplace for quite some time.

Strategies to Prepare an Exhibition and to Hire an Exhibition Stand Supplier

Whenever selecting an exhibition stand building contractor to design and build your exhibition stand, it is imperative you choose a company that has been in the marketplace for quite some time.

Activeteam will increase the strength of your brand

Stay in The Minds of Your Customers   In a B2B exhibition construction, you are in reality selling to other

Selecting a reliable Innovative exhibition stand approach

Five seconds – that is how long it takes for a good exhibition stand to get noticed in an event.

How to Appeal to The Most Suitable Audience

To get customer awareness in the show it is crucial to stand out from the crowd