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Since 1997 Activteam has been creating innovative exhibition booths, providing a complete design, production and management service Europe wide. Our aim is to provide wold-class exhibition solutions and maximize the effectiveness on the fairground. Our clients are international acting companies and well-known worldwide brands, government agencies, in many European countries as well in Asia and in the Middle East. For many international organizations, exhibition marketing targets have been put into reality, as we understand the exhibition marketing approach in the international exhibition market.

It’s the experience to work with high quality specifications, using high skilled workforce, excellent design development, expertise with careful attention to detail. We support your event strategies through powerful concepts that are part of the overall presentation. Supporting your brand, with marketers that have the expertise to develop stands that interacts with the audience.

Our innovative concepts increase customer relationships, as they deliver a particular desired experience, content, images, and feelings that enhance a relationship between company and customers. Activteam is a well know name under the exhibition stand contractors, will all around services. Designers with the richness of ideas, of concepts and the knowledge about the range of architectural styles cooperate with experienced exhibition marketers to develop unique concepts. The use of the latest CAD technology in the booth design, an advanced administration and logistic system, guarantee timely construction, delivery and assembly of the exhibition booth at the fairground.

It can even run you more money and time if you try on doing tasks yourself. Marketing is the exceptional way to buy your business identity acknowledged outside in today's worldwide markets.

Exhibition stand design

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The secret of making your customers like you

Activteam provides trade show booth design and manufacturing and is the first name when searching for trade show booth suppliers. Activteam has the spirit and the capabilities to create and build stand concepts with aesthetics and bring your exhibition to a success.

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Reduce Costs, Increase ROI

Unique trade show booth design concepts focused on aesthetics with implemented leader strategy, aligned with exhibition marketing startegy. Activteam shows over 100 newest design and constructions showing unique concepts.

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Award-Winning Results

Activteam exhibition marketers and designers with experience of over 15 years develop designs and implement the exhibitors marketing targets into the design concept. Our stands are powerfull exhibition sales plattforms to reach financial goals.

Exhibition Stand Design and Build - Innovative Creations

We offer a reliable and efficient design and construction network. As a concerned exhibition stand contractor, we are permanently reviewing our carrier performance, in order to provide you an optimum cost/result performance when preparing and managing your exhibitions in all European geographical regions inclusive the Middle East. Advanced organization tools, provide management capabilities full in-house design and fabrication, an all around service for all your needs.

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Activteam project managers skilled to understand complex requirements, will help and assist two develop your desired exhibition stand project. Experienced marketers guide the projects with their experience in developing.

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Build your reputation with intelligent solutions

Activteam with more than 15 years in the exhibition business, is an exhibition stand company committed to providing its clients with the best custom exhibition stands. We are specialized in tailored exhibition stands, providing to companies who are aiming to a professional way to display their items. With a technically advanced workforce and a in house design team, Activteam provides professional stand options which assist firms from throughout the world and their brands to stand apart amongst their competitors.

High skilled force of building specialists, designers with experience to design innovative and modern exhibition stands create for any kind of shows amazing exhibition stands to reach the marketing targets throughout the world.